ITC Saw Boss, The WORLDS toughest chainsaw carrier!

Saw Boss Chainsaw Carrier!

Built to last a LIFETIME!

Introducing the ITC Saw Boss. Part of the awesome ITC Quick Attach Tool system. Our Saw Boss is an industry leading chainsaw carrier designed for the hobby user as well as the professional forester. Built using American steel, High-Density Polyethylene and  top quality fasteners, our chainsaw carrier is what all other chainsaw carriers wish they could be. 

We didn't cut any corners while designing and testing the Saw Boss chainsaw carrier for tractors and equipment. After using other products on the market we knew we had to set the bar higher than what is currently offered. We were left with flimsy and broken carriers after just a few short months of use from the competitor brands.

We have put the Saw Boss through hundreds of hours of rigorous testing and real world use to make all necessary design changes to stand the test of time. With an Industry leading lifetime warranty, industry first quick attach system and stylish looks this chainsaw carrier is ready to work! 

The Saw Boss will accommodate all types of chainsaws whether gas, electric, homeowner type saws or professional felling saws. No bar is too long as our pass through design lets any size bar pass through without obstruction or modification. There is no bouncing around or flimsy materials or designs with the Saw Boss. 

We use an 11 gauge steel backing plate with stud welded fasteners. Next comes a triple layer of high quality HDPE topped off with an 11 gauge front plate and nylock serrated nuts. Our HDPE can quickly and easily be replaced if it ever wears out...and the best part about is, it is a FREE replacement under our lifetime warranty! 

We encourage everyone to forget the rest and buy the best. Your hard earned money, chainsaws and equipment deserve it! Give us a call or shoot us an email and we will be happy to answer any and all questions you may have. 



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