About Us

It all began one sunny afternoon in September. Our brand new hardworking TYM was out in the brush working the grapple and that's when it happened. It was an accident that changed everything...

On that bright sunny day we had managed to stuff a large, unseen branch right through the front of our new machine. The sound of the breaking plastic was heartbreaking. The inspection revealed a large hole in our grill. It also revealed some further damage to our battery bracket and luckily stopped just short of our oil cooler and radiator. This accident was the birth of TYM Customs.

We began working on a design plan to bring to life American made grill protection to our tractor. We spent 2 months working on and designing the perfect combination of strength, functionality and price. In Dec 2020 we released our T264 brush guard and it was an instant hit! Today we are currently expanding our product line to include brush guards for many popular TYM model tractors as well as some RK model tractors. We are also creating other accessories to make your tractor safer and more functionable. Keep an eye on us and we continue to innovate and work towards being the future of TYM and RK tractor protection and accessories!!