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Many times throughout the day we speak to customers all over and share our humble roots. When we share our start and how we have grown with our simple and small, yet effective customer service and our drive to be the best it really earns our customers business and respect even more. So, we will share our story here for all that visit our website can read.

We got our start in November 2019. We built a single brush guard for our own machine and shared it with fellow tractor owners. It wasn't long before other owners were asking how they could get one, and here lied the issue. 

We didn't have any capital to spare to build product and wait for it to sell. So, we offered our very first model guard for a pre-sale. We would go on to sell quite a few units this way, using pre-sales to slowly build capital.

In January of 2020 we officially launched our business, TYM Customs. We continued to sell brush guards and developed a tractor step for certain TYM models. In the spring of 2020, we sent a brush guard to a YouTube influencer. In his video he asked us to make a good size tractor toolbox, so we got busy.

Working hard on a design, we developed the Interchangeable Tool Carrier. A toolbox with a quick attach mounting system designed to accept future accessories we would go on to build. In September of 2021 we rebranded our business to become ehat is known today as ITC Quick Attach. 

We are a company that is run as a hobby business. I (Gary) handle all customer relations, website, IT, and our marketing/business dealings. All this is done in my spare time as I currently have a full-time career job. My wife and children help with packaging and shipping our smaller products. Our manufacturer is in Upstate NY and is another small company only employing the owner and a part time helper. They also package and ship all of our ITC products for us. We are truly a small business dreaming and doing big things! 

As tractor owners and users ourselves, there was a few products we purchased from other sources that just didn't meet our expectations. So, we would soon develop the World's Strongest and most durable chainsaw carrier for tractors and equipment. The ITC Saw Boss. 

We have since released a gas/oil, wedge, scrench/file and axe carrier combo, cooler carrier,  fire extinguisher carrier, round handle tool carrier and chain box. Our chain box in itself is unique. We offer the only chain box and chainsaw carrier on the market that are designed to be mounted together on a single quick attach mount. This design makes carrying your chainsaw and chains quick, easy and convenient! We were also the first company to release a loader mounted quick attach tool carrying system anywhere in the world! 

We continue to partner with only the best companies and products to offer for sale, along side of our in-house brush guards and ITC Tool System components. 

We are proud of how far we have come from a company started on no upfront capital, no investors, no marketing teams and no handouts. We hope others can find inspiration in our story. We are truly trying to build the American Dream one sale at a time.


Jeffery Rhodes

Date 5/31/2023


Date 5/31/2023 11:44:49 PM

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